Pastor Josh founded LHC in 2020. He came with his wife Jill, and together they have two kids, Nolan and Emma. Josh has a desire for all people to know the love Jesus has to offer, and to find the many neat ways Christ shows his love.

In his spare time Pastor Josh enjoys being with his family, exploring outdoors, playing sports, watching sports, and being in fellowship with others.

Our Vision

This past spring my wife, two kids, and I accepted the call to leave “home” in Kansas City and travel across the country to plant a church. Why? Well, it starts with this image of a dinner table. Every year around the holidays my family gathers around the table, my brother and his wife, my sisters and their husbands, along with my parents, gather to share in a meal. There is laughter, there are shared stories, there is a sense of comfort, and no guards are being put up. Everyone knows they are invited to the table, and everyone knows they belong to the table.  We believe these same feelings should be what everyone feels about Living Hope Church. There is a sense of joy, hope, and belonging. 

Statement of Faith

Living Hope Church is a Nazarene Church. Below are some of the core beliefs of the Nazarene Church.


WE BELIEVE in one God—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. WE BELIEVE that the Old and New Testament Scriptures, given by plenary inspiration, contain all truth necessary to faith and Christian living
WE BELIEVE that human beings are born with a fallen nature, and are, therefore, inclined to evil, and that continually. WE BELIEVE that the finally impenitent are hopelessly and eternally lost.
WE BELIEVE that the atonement through Jesus Christ is for the whole human race; and that whosoever repents and believes on the Lord Jesus Christ is justified and regenerated and saved from the dominion of sin. WE BELIEVE that believers are to be sanctified wholly, subsequent to regeneration, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
WE BELIEVE that the Holy Spirit bears witness to the new birth, and also to the entire sanctification of believers. WE BELIEVE that our Lord will return, the dead will be raised, and the final judgment will take place.